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7 Axis Collaborative Robot

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Meet OB7, a 7 axis game-changer collaborative robot for automating CNC machine tending. OB7 comes in a fully equipped package, including everything needed to connect to any brand of CNC machine. OB7 arrives to your door ready to install and begin automating on day one.  No programming is needed to teach OB7, allowing staff to easily setup and teach jobs within minutes.


No Programming / Simple and Easy Setup

Operators can easily setup and teach in minutes

OB7 is uniquely designed from the ground up for in house staff to automate their own production tasks. Its simple design, no programming interface, and “learn by demonstration” approach make it easy for anyone to implement their own automation jobs without the need for programming or coding experience. If you can do the job, OB7 can learn the job. Designed to be mobile, OB7 easily and quickly rolls into an existing production cell without costly work cell re-engineering.  


7 Axis Flexibility

OB7 is not just easy to own and simple to use, it is quick to redeploy on hundreds of different jobs. OB7’s designed mobility and powerful 7 axis flexibility gives operators infinite access to production machines and components. For machine shop production, a six axis robot must be positioned in front of a spindle blocking operator access. OB7 can be positioned to the side and can reach around into a machine compartment, allowing operators unobstructed access to the spindle.

A Complete CNC Package

Includes all accessories needed to start automating instantly

  • Simple and fast setup - no complex integration

  • No programming - operators can teach in minutes

  • 7 axis flexibility - doesn't block access to the machine door

  • Made in the USA - in-house support team to assist directly

  • All brands of CNC - installation kits for all different brands of CNC

Case Studies

Swiss Productions

Timo Lunceford, General Manager

"When we made the decision to purchase the OB7 we were already familiar with other collaborative robots and how they work. We found the OB7 to be easy to learn and had it doing simple tasks within a matter of minutes. The graphical user interface is very intuitive and we needed very little instruction to figure out how to get the movements we were after."

True Precision Machining

Marvin Rodriquez, VP of Operations

"There are several collaborative robots out there, but OB7's 7 axes allows us to place the robot next to the machine door rather than in front of it, freeing up space for our machine operators. The ease of setting up OB7 has also made us profitable in our job shop environment from day one."  

Start Automating Today

Getting started automating with OB7 collaborative robots is simple, fast, and affordable. Manufacturers can implement OB7 instantly and see an ROI in as little as one week. Download our free resources today to learn about how you can automate your production today.

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