OB7 CNC Package
A Fully Equipped CNC Package 

Includes all the necessary components and accessories to begin automating instantly

OB7 comes all-inclusive with the necessary accessories and equipment you need to connect to any type of CNC machine and begin automating on day one. The OB7 CNC Package makes it simple to work with all brands of CNC Machining Centers, Turning Centers, and other machines. As soon as OB7 arrives to your door, you can set it up instantly and begin automating day one.

Simple, Smart, and Intuitive 

Your staff can teach OB7 within minutes

With OB7, there is zero down time waiting to re-engineer your production line and no waiting for software or programming. OB7 is the cost slashing solution to maximize machine run time, while lowering delivery times and manufacturing costs. OB7 is designed to move simply from one job to another.

Ready to start your CNC project?

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Our team of robotic specialists are here to answer questions and provide support you need to get started. Contact us today to discuss your automation project. 

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